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Delivery information:

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Privacy policy

Personal data may be disclosed without your consent in case of litigation/disputes regarding payment fraud to the following recipients: Banks involved in online payments, International Card Organizations and Service/Product Providers, respectively according to the Law, to the authorized institutions.

In accordance with the provisions of Law no. 677/200, our clients have the following rights:

1) The right to information (art. 12)

2) The right to access data (art. 13) – the right to obtain, upon request and free of charge, for one request per year, confirmation that the data concerning it are or are not being processed by the data operator.

3) The right to intervene (art. 14) – the right to ask the data operator, through a written request and free of charge, the following:

a) rectifying, updating, blocking or deleting incomplete, inaccurate data or illegal processing;

b) transforming illegal personal data into anonymous data;

c) notification of third parties regarding the operations provided for in letter a) and b).

4) The right to opposition (art. 15) – the right to oppose, free of charge and through a written request, for well-founded and legitimate reasons related to his particular situation, that the data concerning him be the object of processing.

5) The right to go to court (art. 18) – the right to go to court to defend the rights guaranteed by law and which have been violated.

6) The right to complain to the supervisory authority (art. 25).

Responsibilities regarding products

S.C BP PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L. does not assume responsibility and cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by using the products purchased through this site, for purposes other than those mentioned by the manufacturer. Products can be returned in accordance with the provisions of OG 130/2000, and for more details, please visit the “Product Exchange/Return” section


Limitations on the use of certain remote communication techniques

Art. 1. – The following remote communication techniques require the prior consent of the consumer:

a) automated call system without human intervention (automatic call);

b) telecopier (fax)

c) electronic mail address (e-mail)

Art. 2. – The use of other techniques of individual communication at a distance apart from those provided for in art. 1 is not allowed if there is a refusal expressed by the consumer.

The list including remote communication techniques

a) unaddressed print;

b) printed addressed;

c) typed letter;

d) printed advertising with order form;

e) catalog;

f) telephone with human intervention;

g) telephone without human intervention (automated call, audiotext);

h) radio;

i) video phone (telephone with image);

j) videotext (microcomputer, TV screen with keyboard or touch screen);

k) electronic mail (e-mail);

l) telecopier (fax);

m) television (teleshopping).



By using, viewing or buying the products on this site, the user has taken cognizance of the fact that Romanian laws will govern the above Terms and Conditions and any dispute of any kind that may arise between the user and S.C. BP PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L. In case of any conflicts between S.C. BP PUBLISHING MEDIA.S.R.L. and its customers, we will first try to solve them amicably in at least 30 working days.

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If any of the above clauses is found to be null or invalid, regardless of the cause, this will not affect the validity of the other clauses. Once the order is placed, the customer accepts without objection the Terms and Conditions of use, their value being the same as a valid contract.

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Forbes Romania Magazine App conditions

CAUTION: Think about your own safety and that of others. Look not only on your phone, but also around you, at the traffic! Or have someone else monitor the environment.

Forbes Romania Magazine (“App”) is provided by BP PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L, headquartered in Bucharest, Str. Băiculești, nr. 29, ap. 43, sector 1. By using or opening our app, you agree to these terms. So read the conditions carefully.

Using our app and services

You must comply with these Terms and all terms and conditions, and rules displayed and/or referenced in the App and/or the Services.

You may not misuse our services and the app. Do not interfere with our App and Services or attempt to access the Services and/or App through any method other than in accordance with the interface and instructions we provide, or in violation of these Terms. you may only use our services and app as permitted by law, including applicable export and re-export laws and regulations. We may suspend or discontinue the provision or availability of our app and/or services if you fail to comply with our terms or policies or if we investigate or discover suspected misconduct.

By using the app and/or our services, you do not acquire any (intellectual property) rights to our app and/or services. These terms do not grant you the right to use the brands or logos used in our app and/or services. You may not remove, obscure, or alter any legal information displayed in or with our app and/or services.

Our app and services display or make available certain content that is not owned by BP PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L. The entity making the content available is solely responsible for that content. We may review content to determine whether it is illegal or violates our policies, and we may remove or not display content that we reasonably determine is violating our policies or the law. However, this does not necessarily mean that we review content, so please do not assume that we do.

Do not use the app in a way that distracts you or prevents you from complying with applicable traffic or safety rules.

Your access to our app and/or services

Access to our services is regulated through the Forbes Romania Magazine app. This app is freely accessible and there are no costs involved. No specific user information is used.

Data we use

Our app can access the following items (“data”) on the device:
• general (network-based) location and detailed (GPS) location
• device motion sensors
• read content from external storage device
• full internet access
• prevent device from goes to sleep
• battery usage
• camera
• your ip address;

The services do not have direct access to the device; the app takes the initiative to retrieve data made available by the services.

We do not place cookies.


Forbes Romania Magazine only connects to the services to retrieve the latest state of the required data. The use of the camera only serves to show augmented reality content in relation to the real world. Camera images are not stored by the app or passed on to the services. No user or device data is recorded by the app or the services.

You give permission for the use and storage of the data on your device.

Your location is requested in the background in the app with the sole purpose of informing you about locations where content can be displayed. Location data is not passed on to the services.

The app needs the TrueDepth API for face tracking. We don’t save any data.

We use this feature for adding different filters or 3d objects based on the user face tracking. This is occasionally used, the button from where the user can take a photo with the filter or 3d object gets activated or deactivated from cloud database.

We don’t share the data with anyone, also we don’t store this data.

Rights of the data subject

If you are EU citizen, you have the rights granted by the EU GDPR Rule (EU) 2016/679:

We can only process your personal data for legitimate and purposes specified in this document. You also have the right to access your personal data that is processed. This means that you can, for example, obtain a copy of the data concerned and some information concerning the processing in your specific case, for instance the purpose of that processing and the recipients to whom your personal information is disclosed.

You can ask to modify, correct, or even erase your personal data. If the data is inaccurate or incomplete, you can ask us to rectify this data. At any time, you can object, on compelling and legitimate grounds, to the processing of your data.

You can exercise any time these rights by sending an email to or contact us by phone.

You have also the right to address a complaint to the Romanian Data Processing Agency, B-dul G-ral. Gheorghe Magheru 28-30, sector 1, postal code 010336, Bucharest, email, phone  +40.318.059.211, +40.318.059.212, website

Your data may be shared with some of our service providers should be the case, for the same scope they were collected and assuring the same level of security. We will not sell or use your data beyond original scope of the processing.

About software in our services

Where the app and/or a service requires or includes downloadable software, this software may be automatically updated on your device when a new version or feature becomes available. BP PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L.  hereby grants you a personal, worldwide, non-transferable, non-sublicensable and non-exclusive license to use the App. This license is granted solely to enable you to use and utilize the app provided by BP PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L. , in a manner that complies with these terms and conditions. You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell or lease any part of our app or accompanying software, and you may not reverse engineer or attempt to extract the (source code of) such software or this app, unless such restrictions are prohibited by law or you have our written consent. This license can be terminated by BP PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L. at any time by means of a notification to that effect, without owing you any (damage) compensation in this regard.

Certain software used in our app or services may be offered under an open source license or subject to the intellectual property rights of third parties. In that case, the open source license terms, respectively the license terms of the relevant third party(ies), will take precedence over these terms. If and insofar as the app or the services consist in whole or in part of or are based on software for which PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L. is not the (sole) rightful claimant, PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L. will never grant more rights in this regard than it has obtained from its third supplier(s).

Modify and terminate our app/services

We are constantly adapting and improving our app and services. We may add or remove features or capabilities from it. We can also suspend or even completely stop your right to use the app (and, where appropriate: the services).

You can stop using our services and/or the app at any time. PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L.  may also stop providing services to you or add or set new restrictions on our app and/or services at any time.

PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L. may exercise the above powers at its own discretion and at any time, without owing you any (damage) compensation in this regard.

Warranties and Reservations

Other than as expressly set forth in these terms or additional terms, PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L. and its suppliers or distributors make no specific promises regarding the services and the app. For example, we make no representations about the content in the Services, the specific functionality of the Services or the App, and its reliability, availability, or ability to meet your needs. We provide the App and (where applicable:) the Services as such (“as is”).

Some jurisdictions impose conditions on certain warranties, such as the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. To the extent permitted by law, we exclude all implied warranties.

PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L. does not guarantee that (push) messages, notifications and/or alerts sent via the services and/or the app will be received (in time) by the persons and/or recipients for whom these messages, notifications and/or alerts are intended.  PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L. mill, its affiliated companies and its suppliers will not be responsible and/or liable in this regard and for all related consequences.

PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L. does not guarantee that the messages you receive or send via the services and/or the app are correct and/or complete and/or received on time.  PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L. mill, its suppliers and its affiliated companies are not responsible and not liable in this regard.

Liability for our app/services

To the extent permitted by law, any liability of PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L. , its suppliers and the companies affiliated with PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L.  is completely excluded.

This exclusion applies (also but not exclusively) to:
• damage consisting of or related to (the consequences of) injury and/or death;
• any other form of damage;
• claims based on tort, claims based on breach of contract, and on claims based on any other (legal) ground.

About these conditions

We may amend these terms, for example, to reflect changes in the law or changes to our app or services. You should therefore review these terms and conditions regularly. We will post notices of modified (additional) terms in the applicable services and/or the app. Changes will not be applied retroactively and will not take effect until 14 days after they are posted. However, changes due to new features or changes made for legal reasons will take effect immediately. If you do not agree to the modified terms, you must immediately terminate your use of the services and the app.

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L.  and you regarding the app and (where applicable) our services. No rights for third parties can be derived from the conditions.

If you do not comply with these terms and we do not take immediate action, this does not mean that we waive any rights we may have (such as the right to take action in the future). If a certain condition is found to be unenforceable, this will not affect the other conditions.

Romanian law applies to these terms and conditions and the use of the app and the services. Disputes must be submitted exclusively to the competent court in Bucharest in the first instance.

Termeni și condiții (RO)

Vizitarea, folosirea, sau comandarea produselor vizualizate pe site-ul implica acceptarea Conditiilor de utilizare ce vor fi detaliate mai jos. Pentru folosirea in bune conditii a site-ului, se recomanda citirea cu atentie a Termenilor si Conditiilor. este administrat de S. BP PUBLISHING MEDIA SRL cu sediul in str. Schitu Magureanu, nr. 27-33, scara B, apartament 53, sectorul 1, inregistrata la Registrul Comertului cu nr J40 /3218/21.03.2012, CUI RO 29947526

Ne rezervam dreptul de a efectua modificari ale acestor Termeni si Conditii precum si orice modificari site-ului fara o notificare prealabila. Accesand pagina Termeni si Conditii, puteti citi intotdeauna cea mai recenta versiune a acestor prevederi.

Obligatiile dumneavoastra de inregistrare:

Pentru a putea cumpara de pe, trebuie sa introduceti datele dumneavoastra pe website-ul nostru.

In utilizarea serviciului, declarati ca veti furniza informatii reale, corecte, actuale si complete despre dumneavoastra.

In situatia in care consideram ca aceasta obligatie a fost incalcata, ne rezervam dreptul de a va bloca  accesul la utilizarea serviciului, pe perioada determinata sau nedeterminata, fara nicio notificare prealabila.

Pret si modalitati de plata:

Preturile prezentate includ TVA (9%)

Pretul de achizitie prezentat pe factura va fi acelasi cu cel prezentat pe site la momentul achizitiei, pretul include si costurile de livrare.

Plata produselor se efectueaza credit/ debit card la plasarea comenzii online.

Informatii privitoare la livrare:

Orice comanda/plata de abonament efectuata pana la data de 25 ae lunii face posibila livrarea abonamentului dumneavoastra incepand cu luna imediat urmatoare.Livrarea se face de catre o societate de posta privata.

In cazul in care doriti sa specificati anumite aspecte referitoare la livrare cum ar fi: ora de livrare, adresa sau puncte de reper, va rugam sa introduceti in casuta de observatii aceste lucruri inainte de finalizarea comenzii.

Raspunderea pentru orice deteriorare cauzata produsului, coletului sau pachetului trimis de catre noi, revine societatii de curierat sau transportatorului conform legislatiei in vigoare. Produsele vor fi inlocuite de catre noi daca se va face dovada culpei curierului.

Drepturile de autor (Copyright)

Intregul continut al site-ului, incluzand, texte, imagini, grafice, elemente de grafica web, scripturi si orice alte date, este proprietatea S.C.BP PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L. sau a furnizorilor sai si este protejat conform Legii drepturilor de autor si legilor privind dreptul de proprietate intelectuala si industriala. Folosirea fara acordul scris a oricaror elemente de pe site-ul, sau a oricaror elemente enumerate mai sus se pedepseste conform legilor in vigoare. Pentru a reclama drepturile de proprietate intelectuala puteti folosi adresa de mail

Politica de confidentialitate

Datele cu caracter personal vor putea fi dezvaluite fara consimtamântul dumneavoastra în caz de litigii/dispute privind fraudele la plata catre urmatorii destinatari: Bancile implicate în platile online, Organismele Internationale de Carduri si Furnizori de servicii/produse, respectiv conform Legii, catre institutiile abilitate.

In conformitate cu dispozitiile Legii nr.677/200, clientii nostril au urmatoarele drepturi,:

1)  Dreptul la informare (art.12)

2)  Dreptul la acces la date (art.13) – dreptul de a obtine, la cerere si în mod gratuit, pentru o solicitare pe an, confirmarea ca datele care o privesc sunt sau nu sunt prelucrate de operatorul de date.

3)  Dreptul la interventie (art.14) – dreptul de a solicita operatorului de date, printr-o cerere scrisa si în mod gratuit, urmatoarele:

a)  rectificarea, actualizarea, blocarea sau stergerea datelor incomplete, inexacte sau prelucrarilor nelegale;

b)  transformarea datelor personale nelegale în date anonime;

c)  notificarea tertilor cu privire la operatiunile prevazute la lit. a) si b).

4)  Dreptul la opozitie (art.15) – dreptul de a se opune, în mod gratuit si printr-o cerere scrisa, din motive întemeiate si legitime legate de situatia sa particulara, ca datele care o vizeaza sa faca obiectul unei prelucrari.

5)  Dreptul de a se adresa justitiei (art.18) – dreptul de a se adresa justitiei pentru apararea drepturilor garantate de lege si care au fost încalcate.

6)  Dreptul de a face plângere la autoritatea de supraveghere (art.25).

Politica de confidentialitate Forbes Romania Magazine

Forbes Romania Magazine se conectează la servicii doar pentru a prelua cea mai recentă stare a datelor solicitate. Folosirea camerei servește doar la afișarea conținutului de realitate augmentată în raport cu lumea reală. Imaginile camerei nu sunt stocate de aplicație sau transmise serviciilor. Nu sunt înregistrate date despre utilizator sau dispozitiv de aplicație sau de servicii.

Vă acordați permisiunea pentru utilizarea și stocarea datelor pe dispozitivul dvs.

Locația dvs. este solicitată în fundal în aplicație cu unicul scop de a vă informa despre locațiile în care poate fi afișat conținutul. Datele de locație nu sunt transmise serviciilor.

Aplicația Forbes Romania Magazine are nevoie de TrueDepth API pentru urmărirea feței. Nu salvăm nicio informație.

Folosim această caracteristică pentru adăugarea diferitelor filtre sau obiecte 3D pe baza urmăririi feței utilizatorului. Acesta este folosit ocazional, butonul de unde utilizatorul poate face o fotografie cu filtrul sau obiectul 3d este activat sau dezactivat din baza de date cloud.

Nu împărtășim datele nimănui și, de asemenea, nu stocăm aceste date.

Responsabilitati privind produsele

S.C. BP PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L. nu isi asuma responsabilitatea si nu poate fi facuta responsabila pentru orice pagube aparute prin folosirea produselor achizitionate prin intermediul acestui site, in alte scopuri decat cele mentionate de producator. Returnarea produselor se poate efectua in conformitate cu dispozitiile OG 130/2000, iar pentru mai multe detalii va rugam sa vizitati sectiunea “ Schimb/Returnare produs “

Limitari privind utilizarea anumitor tehnici de comunicatie la distanta

Art. 1. – Urmatoarele tehnici de comunicatie la distanta necesita acordul prealabil al consumatorului:
a) sistem automatizat de apel fara interventie umana (automat de apel);
b) telecopiator (fax)
c) adresa de posta electronica (e-mail)

Art. 2. – Utilizarea altor tehnici de comunicatie individuala la distanta in afara celor prevazute la art. 1 nu este permisa daca exista un refuz manifestat de consumator.

Lista cuprinzand tehnicile de comunicatie la distanta
a) imprimat neadresat;
b) imprimat adresat;
c) scrisoare tipizata;
d) publicitate tiparita cu bon de comanda;
e) catalog;
f) telefon cu interventie umana;
g) telefon fara interventie umana (automat de apel, audiotext);
h) radio;
i) videofon (telefon cu imagine);
j) videotext (microordinator, ecran Tv cu tastatura sau ecran tactil);
k) posta electronica (e-mail);
l) telecopiator (fax);
m) televiziune (teleshopping).


Prin folosirea,vizualizarea sau cumpararea produselor de pe acest site, utilizatorul a luat la cunostinta asupra faptului ca legile romane vor guverna Termenii si Conditiile de mai sus si orice disputa de orice fel care ar putea sa apara intre utilizator si S.C. BP PUBLISHING MEDIA S.R.L. In cazul unor eventuale conflicte intre S.C. BP PUBLISHING MEDIA.S.R.L. si clientii sai, se va incerca mai intai rezolvarea acestora pe cale amiabila in minim 30 de zile lucratoare.

Daca rezolvarea pe cale amiabila nu va fi posibila, conflictul va fi solutionat in instanta competenta in conformitate cu legile romane in vigoare.


Daca oricare dintre clauzele de mai sus va fi gasita nula sau nevalida, indiferent de cauza, aceasta nu va afecta valabilitatea celorlalte clauze. Odata cu lansarea comenzii, clientul accepta fara obiectiuni Conditiile si termenii de utilizare, valoarea acestora fiind aceeasi cu un contract valabil incheiat.

Fiind de acord cu acesti Termeni si Conditii clientul isi isi asuma in totalitate drepturile si obligatiile ce decurg din cumpararea din