So, what sectors are worth investing this year?

When it comes to investment ideas, one is aiming to considerably multiply his assets and get the highest possible profit. However, not all of the investment ideas are profitable and reliable at the same time.

Due to daily currency fluctuations trading on the foreign exchange market is much more efficient comparing to other investment sectors. This is a reliable way of funds investing. At the present Forex is the major segment of financial markets. Its volume is estimated at 1/3 of total volume of all the world financial operations on average, trading volume is about 6 US Dollars Trillion per day, while volume of private investments into financial sphere is estimated at 135 US Dollars Trillion, this number will certainly increase as world developing economies grow rich, as recently reported by FORBES.COM. Yet average daily turnover in global foreign exchange markets in 2020 is estimated at 10 US Dollars Trillion by world financial analysts. Thus, Forex market gives huge opportunities, as here one’s income is not limited at all.

One of the latest alternative investment methods that is gaining more and more popularity is PAMM investing. PAMM stands for percent allocation money management. While investing in PAMM accounts, one trusts his funds to professional, experienced and skillful money managers which lead Forex trading allocating gained profit with other traders who invested their funds in their PAMM accounts. So, investors invest their funds into PAMM account aiming to make profit. Distribution of profits of manager and investors is carried out in accordance with the manager’s offer. Investors’ benefits consist in the absence of necessity to trade on their own, while they get passive income percentage-wise. So, all the parties involved – both investors, managers and broker that is providing services – get their obvious benefits.

One of the most advanced and rapidly developing PAMM services is GAINSY PAMM system which combines the latest financial software solutions with the most compatible trading conditions provided by GAINSY broker. GAINSY PAMM system developed on the basis of MT4 trading platform by MetaQuotes Software Corp. owes its origin to ASM Brain company (www.asmbrain.com), which has already acknowledged itself as a result of collaboration under co-projects with one of the leading IT-companies developing financial software – Devexperts. GAINSY is defined by collaboration with investors of investment portfolios of all kinds: starting from $10 up to $1,000,000 and more. Despite the fact that the service is relatively new, it has already become the most estimated by the community of traders of the largest world most reputed Forex related web-resources as Myfxbook.com, Earnforex.com and Fxstreet.com. GAINSY has declared itself yet again and was honoured to receive «The Best Broker of Europe in 2014» Award conducted by International Association of Forex traders (IAFT). This and many other awards prove the fact that the most successful and experienced traders from all over the world consider GAINSY to be a warranter of reliability and security. Another significant proof is that within only a year the Company has succeeded to join the affiliate circle of the most regulated payment system in Europe – Skrill (Moneybookers).

Excellent trading conditions as well as other features provided by GAINSY are also highly estimated and recommended by the audience of the European Forbes.

The main principle of GAINSY is direct cooperation with every client and affiliate of the company, as such collaboration creates a synergistic effect. GAINSY is GAINful SYnergy, and synergy is the key to success and the guarantee of stable income. Synergy is GAINSY.COM!